Wednesday, 11 January 2017

In Memory of - Clare Hollingworth 1911 - 2017

Clare Hollingworth died yesterday, aged 105.

Why have I never heard of this women until her death was announced on the news? She was a remarkably lady who had a fascinating life. She was the first reporter to write on the invasion that became WW2, she went on to not only become a renowned war correspondent, covering conflicts from Algeria to Vietnam, Poland to India. She also played an important role in helping to save an estimated 3,000 people from the Nazi regime.

This is exactly the sort of role model we should be showing our young people and who should be taught and talk about in schools. She is not the only one of course. While men and great events stride through history lessons, the women seem to be add on only as footnotes in history if they are mentioned at all. Yet we've had female scientists, explorers, writers etc through our history and they do deserve to be recognised.

Read more about her story.

Clare Hollingworth: British War Correspondent dies aged 105 - BBC Link

Clare Hollingworth is thanked by those she rescued - BBC Link

 Clare Hollingworth on the Egyptian side of Suez 1968

Clare Hollingworth in Beijing 1971
 Clare Hollingworth OBE
10th of October1911 - 10th of January 2017

Monday, 9 January 2017

Moonlight and Hares by Lisa O'Malley

My treasure for this week is the artist Lisa O'Malley she does the most wonderful wildlife and fantasy artwork. Though I've never met her in person from the online converstaions I've had with her when buying cards she comes across as a very lovely person and nothing seems to be to much trouble.
I love her artwork and have started collecting her ACEO prints of hares and magic.
Below are some of the cards I've got in my collection so far.

You can find her on both Esty and Ebay UK under the name of

Monday, 5 December 2016

Co-op sleigh rides to see Santa

Does anyone else remember the old Santa Sleighs that use to be in Co-Op's? They were part of most children's Christmas around here, the Co-Op Santa was the best one to see and you got to go on the sleigh ride before you reached Santa's grotto. There was a piece on the news about them today. Coventry Transport Museum has got one working and is asking the public help to try and see if there are any more left hidden somewhere and information on the people who worked on them and the rest of the shops that use to have them. Brings back a lot of happy memories.

 The museum's piece is believed to be the only working vintage motorised sleigh ride in the country. It started running in 1956, with others based in London, York, Belfast, Dalston, Ashton-under-Lyne and Sheffield. Link to the rest of the BBC story.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Twin Ravens by Carla Smale

Just couldn't resist this ACEO from Carla Smale, check out her lovely work on ebay.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Summer Solstice Full Moon

A rare event is about to happen when the full moon appears tonight and coincides precisely with the Summer Solstice. A match not witness since 1948 when they last appeared together.

Image is from the Farmers Old almanac.